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Wedding!!...a time for everyone to rejoice and make merry. Also the time for family and friends to celebrate and be the part of the joy of this Special Occassion. In the intricacies of Gujarati tradition, singing songs on this day has it's own flavour!  

The Glory Of Lagna Geet

  Ganesh Paat Besadiye

In Gujarati tradition any auspicious ceremony begins with the offering prayers to Lord Ganesha, as it is believed that he removes obstacles if any.


Manglashtak is sung by the bride's mother to wish good fortune and happpiness to the newly weds!

  Lado Ladi Jame Re

The bride and the groom make each other have 'Kansar' , a sweet.

  Dhol Dhamakyan Ne

The bride places her right hand on the groom's right palm which symbolises the meeting of two souls in the marraige. In Gujarati it is called "Hastamelap" .

 Pahelun Te Mangal

The bride and the groom oath by the holy fire and solemnise their marriage.

  Dhire Re Chhedo

The bride's family with a heavy heart bids farewell to their daughter.


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