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Gujarati Gazals. ...invariably comprises the integral part of the rich Gujarati Music, the renderings are very intense and they unfold melancholy, happy or romantic sentiments.  Gazal is an expression of soothing melody and stirs up a whole new experience of emotions. It speaks the language of Love, Beauty and Tenderness. The element of profound sentiments, passion and play of words forms a ghazal.  Today the scenario of gujarati gazals is revolutionary in it's languague, and is thought provoking!   A composer relates his inner most emotions from core of his heart and produces a sublime harmony consolidating the overall mood and invoking appropriate sensitive responses from the listener! Sometimes there is a blend of reality and imagination, such soulful music unmistakebly has an overwhelming effect. In 1943 Maha Gujarat Ghazal Mandal was formed in Surat. Such organsiation gave existence to Mushairies!

Come experience the the sheer ecstacy of the lyrics by : Gani Dahiwala, Shunya Palanpuri, Barkat Virani, Aadil Mansuri, Avinash Vyas, Saif Palanpuri in the haunting voice of: Manhar Udhas and Purushottam Upadhayay!

Gujarati Gazals

 Divaso Judai Na

Ghani Dahiwala

 Kajal Bharyan Nayan Na

Amrut `Ghayal'

Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne

Bakrat Virani `Befam'

  Paagal Chhe Zamano

Shunya Palanpuri

  Shant Zarukhe

Saif Palanpuri

 Tamaran Ahin Aaj

Gani Dahiwala


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