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Poets (19th century)

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The factors such as policies of the Rulers, living style of people, the worldwide influence on the Society,etc. are important for any Literature to flourish. In Gujarat, due to the development of trade and commerce, religious influence of Jainism as well as Hinduism, and also due to the safety and encouragement of the Rulers like Siddhraj, Solanki and Vaghela Rajputs, the Literary activities were in full force from the 11th century.

Ancient Literature

Early 11th Century

Due to flourishing trade and commerce in Ahmedabad and Khambat (Cambay), the entertainment activities started developing. Through the Jain Saints, Story-tellers, Puppet Shows, Bhavai (dramas), the Literature related activities also began. This gave birth to Ancient literature and the 11th century noted poet Hemchandra (1088-1172).

Narsinh-Yug (period between 11th-14th century)

The FIRST age began for Gujarati language and Literature. The literature is divided into many different parts. Duha became popular for its beautiful way of encouraging the people through poetry. Fagukavya were created as a poetic descriptive way of something, be it rains, religion, or nature. Vasantvilas (1452) is a classic example of it. The prose such as Tribhuvan Prabandh were simply the philosophical way of expressions. A lot of stories came into existance by way of folk-literature. Sadyavatscharit (1410) by Bhimdev is an interesting example.

Bhakti-Yug (15th-18th century)

This is the age when Jain and Hindu poets have given Literauture in abundence, to Gujarat. The prose and poetry created were mostly to encourage religion and worship.   The Gita, Mahabharat, Vedas, Bhagvat were instantly popular and worship and offering love to God through this, stayed in the hearts of people for long. Narsinh Mehta's creations are considerd the best. With this there was also creations of prayers (Mira), Jain history, etc.

Jain Literature (15th century)

In 15th century, Jain poets' creations of stories, Updesh, history, philosophy, etc. are note-worthy.

Modern Literature (19th century)

With the British Government and the new technology of printing and press, there began the education of English language. The new age brought a lot of newspapers, magazines, etc. to spread the awareness in the Society. With this, the literature became much more and activities started in all fields rather than just the ancient religious way of poetry. The creations reflect to social welfare, criticism, plays, new age thinking, country-worship, the values of life,etc.

Devotional Poet
  • Hemchandra (1088-1172)
  • Dayaram (1777-1853)
  • Narsinh Mehta (1414-1480)
  • Padmanabh (1456)
  • Bhalan (1405-1489)
  • Bhimdev (1485)
  • Mirabai (1499-1547)
  • Naakar (1516-1558)
  • Narhari (1616-1643)
  • Akho (1591-1656)
  • Bhanadas (1659)
  • Vishwanath Jani (1652)
  • Premanand (1649-1714)
  • Shamal Bhatt (1718-1765)
  • Pritam (18th century)
  • Mithu (1738-1791)
  • Dhiro (1753-1825)
  • Nirant (1747-1852)
  • Bapu Gaekwad (1777-1843)
  • Bhojo (1785-1850)
  • Sahjanand Swamy (1781-1830)
  • Muktanand (1761-1830)
  • Dayaram (1777-1853)

Poets (19th century onwards)


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