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Earthquake: Special Mails & Prayers

We, at Gujarat Online are very grateful to you all, for a constant flow of
prayers and moral support in the difficult times.
Here are a few mails of support..
Thank you all, for your concern -Roopal.


Hi Roopal, I am sorry for this happend in Jan, 26. My heart is crying when I was listening news, I knew that is so many people without home and some people lost their love. This unbelieveable. I do not know at that moment what I can do for this family and friends. I hope God give them strength and make them strong for that family. I will check my email every day. I really like to have information details in Ahmedabad. My mom has some family over there. I was try to call but I was not able to get telephone line. - Hema

I am so much worried. It is very disasterous to hear the scale on the earthquake. I am glad to receive your email knowing that you all are okay. we have been trying and trying and trying to call - if we get to speak by phone connection. Prayers and prayers and more prayers are for the Native land Mother India. Dhartimata daya karo! With lots of Prayers, Saroj

Dear friends, leaning about the catastrophe in your homemand, I want to express you my deep feelings of fraternity. May the Lord havbe mercy upon the death and they be delivered for ever. With my very very friendly greetings. -Gérard Heuschen

Hello Roopal, Thank God for good luck you had and so many didn't. Though, we're just an online friend, it was a great relief to know you were safe-n-sound. My relatives are there in Ahmedabad. I've been receiving the newsletter for a long time. But let me admit frankly, it used to be a quick scan till one of January 27th.

Since the news of devastation caused by the earthquake, almost every Gujarati in America is trying to access their loved ones. But in absence of non publication of on line editions of various publication on 27th (because of public holiday on previous day), you newsletter was a great solace and important source of information. Only last night over $2500 were raised for relief work at the executive board meeting of local Gujarati Samaj. More would be coming. You guys can rest assured that all Indian and Americans here are deeply distressed and moved by what has happened over there. People over their have suffered "physically and financially" while we all here have suffered "emotionally." In the this critical moment of life, we fortunate brethren here are all with and for you.
Be in touch and keep up the good work H. Adhvaryu

Dear Roopal, We in Wellingborough, watch news on Star News every hour and pray to God that He gives you all enough strength to face the traumatic conditions you all are in. My father inlaws and his family are in Ahmedabad. And they are safe but many thousands are homeless ! God Bless! There is lesson to be learnt from this sort of desasters that Progress, yes but at what cost? Best regards, Manoj Modha

Roopal, I always read your updates. A real tragedy has occurred on our subcontinent, especially in our beloved Gujarat. Our people are hard working, and with the help of God, this ancient city will be rebuilt. Gujaratis from all over the world will be very forthcoming in assisting rebuilding of damaged areas. Please stay safe and we are praying that no more damage is done due to after shocks. Mahesh Patel, USA

Dear Roopal, I do not know how to say thanks. We are eagerly awaiting for your next letter. I pray to the almighty God to give you all strength to help others. I am one of the committe members of a charity organisation here in Muscat and we would like to donate some amount. Kindly let me know how we can do that or could you please help me to find out one or two suffering families whom we can bring up to lead a normal life. Awating your suggestion and also the information. Regards, Mathew.

Hi, this is Nilesh from Dubai. I feel very very sorry for that people u have been trapped under buldings and all my parents also are there but they are yet safe but I would like to know now till how many more days this will be going on and what is next expecting shock and etc please do reply me soon. Nilesh

Hi Roopal, Finally we've recieved a messege from a friend of my uncle informing that they are safe! I don't have words to express our gratitude & appreciation for your costant & timely support & valuable information. All I can say is Thank you & keep up the good work! I'm sure there're lots of people who need someone like you to help them sail through these trying times when even a word of support really means a lot! May God bless you & your team! regards, Shubhra

Roopalji glad to know you are all ok. Very sad to learn about what happened. Lots of us here in England are raising funds to help our people in Gujarat. My sister whos visiting India was in Jamnagar on the day of the earthquake. We got thru to my mamas home where she was staying. They are all ok. Hope all of you stay salamat. Hope to here from u sooon. Please stay safe. Take care.

Thank you for your reply, we have a group of volunteers leaving London tomorrow heading out to Bhuj. All the Temples and communities here are collecting clothing and blanket and donations which should be on there way asap. Any further update on the villages around Bhuj please keep us updated. Many thanks, Pindoria.

Hello Roopal, Condolences on the disaster that has befallen you. We pray for your safety and well being though we are far we care for you. Is there any site with specific focus on Bhuj - I'm trying to locate relatives for a friend who has family in Bhuj? Bye for now. Upin

Recent tragic events in Gujarat: I appreciate that you will have much more important matters to concern yourselves with at this time but I would just like to say that there are ordinary people out here in the Rest of the World whose thoughts are with you at this terrible time. -Thomas Covenant

Dear friends in Gujarat, I did not know much about your country before this terrible earthquake that you have just experienced and reading these websites and listening to your beautiful music. What can one say or do at a time like this! This is hell, and yet through it all you will rise again and rebuild not only your buildings but your lives. This is a time that will make an indelible mark on your state.

I am a lecturer in the Sabah Theological Seminary where we train pastors for all the churches in Sabah East Malaysia. Today I made a poster from the newpaper articles in Chinese, English and Malay, the three languages we use in our college. I put it on the noticeboard asking all our students, teachers, and visitors to pray for you. We will lift up your people in loving sympathy for this tragedy.

May God help you to be strong, and be sustained in the face of grief and pain. May all the provisions of food, water, fuel, medicine and personnell be forthcoming in a miraculous way. May you be renewed in hope for a future. Yours sincerely, Sylvia Jeanes.

Roopal, I am glad to hear that you are OK. Also thanks for keeping us informed about the situation in Gujarat. We, hear in the west, really appreciate your efforts. Kirit from San Jose.

Saw your Website and list of apartments that were damaged. What a tragedy! Sadness has surrounded us here away from the home town. I hope there is no further damage in the aftershocks. You and every single "Amdavadi" is in our prayers. I still can't believe this!? Keep the latest news posted on the site. -Sanjay Desai

Hi Roopal. We have heard about the disastrous earthquake that has struck Gujarat. I hope you people are all safe and have not been badly affected by its devastation. I hope the communication system is still in place for you to receive this e-mail. Regards from Nazeer and Ravindra, South Africa.

Dear Roopal, Thanks for your mail and other detail news update. Since morning, we were reading and watching news on TV, Web and internet and equally terrified. My famil, including my wife, children and two brothers with my mother, all are there in Ahmedabad and after 12 hours, they could contact me and inform that they are all safe. It is not possible yet today to contact them on phone but they are able to contact me from STD PCO which gives relief. Heared today also there are aftershocks in the morning and has done further damage to already demonstrated situation. We all pray for you, your team and our family members safety. Take care. Madan from Estonia.

I was able to get through & speak with faimly in last hour. The situation in Gandhidham/Adipur is getting worse for the survivors. although most people have surrived, our of fear of sever aftershocks, everyone is huddled outside in tents.

Although the media is reporting relief supplies are being brought in, getting food & water is turning to be a big problem. all stores have run out of food. and people are waiting for disaster relief supplies. it's 3rd day now and the stench from the bodies is overpowering in the air. There is lack of co-ordination in the relief operations, most of the effort is being directed at Bhuj where few have survived and places where most people are alive, like Gandhidham/Adipur there needs are being ignored. Also in Bhachau, which is mostly flattned like Bhuj, no relilef work has even started.

If anyone knows or can contact the authorities in INDIA, please make them aware that people alive need faster attention and they will have all the time in the world to dig up the bodies. -Bill stuart

Email received. If there is anything we can do to help pleasec advise. We are sorry for all that has happened. Regards Vijay Thakrar

Roopal, Thanks for the update! Our prayers are with all of you! Hopefully, aftershocks will subside soon and not cause any further tragedy. With prayers, Pradip Thaker

Hello All, Its bothers me to some extent that instead of focusing on the tragedy that has struck India, we are focusing on the non-trivial issues regarding who has helped India or not. I have read several posts on CNN by folks arguing and focusing their thoughts on "how much" and "what" the US has done for India. I think the more pertinent question is what are we doing from our end. Lets think of what we can do for the victims and not what others are doing. Lets point the fingers towards ourselves. Cheers, Partiosh.

Our prayers and thoughts are with your people in this time of disaster. May the Almighty give you all help in your troubles. - Morton and Kathy Scott, Oklahoma.




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