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Traditionally, in Gujarat, "maandavo" - means Marquee, a large tent, which is created for parties, festivals, and special  occassions like music programs.


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updated: Sep 2006

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An observer of the cultural scenario of Gujarat may wonder why better appreciation of music is very much visible among Gujaratis. Well, one will be surprised that sweet inspirations are nothing new in Gujarat. The state has already been vibrating to the stimulus of sound waves produced by the great musicians of Gujarat centuries ago.

Gujarat Online has captured some of the very wellknown and melodious Gujarati songs for you!

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 Bhajan BHAJAN (songs - prayers)  
 Lagna Geet LAGNA GEET (songs -wedding)  
 Garba-Raas GARBA-RAAS (dance - songs)  
 Assorted songs ASSORTED (light music-songs)  

 Gazals GAZALS (shayari - songs)

 Baal-Geet BAAL-GEET (songs - for children)


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This site has been created in appreciation of Gujarati Music without any commercial motive. The songs given are in NO way meant to replace the original soundtracks of the album. If you like what you hear, be sure to purchase the original cassette or CD and thus supporting all the artists that have produced these beautiful songs. The songs are meant for promotional purposes of regional music only and their sole copyright rests with their respective Audio Music Company. You may not download the songs, reproduce the songs in any way that results in copyright violation. I am not aware of any possible copyright violations. If any such act is brought to my attention by holders of such copyrights, I will remove the concerned songs from the website promptly.